STOP Struggling in Network Marketing Business

It is no longer news that 97% of Network Marketers Struggle in their business. The big issue is how to Stop Struggling Networkers and give them the tools that will help them to join the 3% that are earning big with network marketing.

That is the reason why I wrote Stop Struggling in Network Marketing Business to point the way forward and save a lot of people from missing their way to financial freedom.

When we ask people to join our network marketing business we are asking them indirectly to SIGN UP for a career in “sales and marketing” – yet most people do not have any experience in sales and marketing.

The company you joined has products that need to be sold before you make money and you need to know how to make people join your business so you can make more money.

What your team leaders show you in every presentation is a beautiful lifestyle in a video or picture in a presentation slide, the compensation plan, how the products are the best in the world, and ask you to pick your pen and paper, write down the names of people you know and go after them because they are all your prospects.

With the excitement of what you saw in the video testimonial, you go out there working hard to live the same lifestyle you saw; only to find out you don’t even know anything on sales and marketing.

Some leaders don’t think about teaching their prospects marketing online and offline, they only told them to be focus, put more effort, and make sure you show the plan to many people every day without showing them HOW.

So why are we surprised when most of the honest, hardworking people on our team fumble around trying to make things happen… but never really seem to get ahead?

Why are we surprised when they quit after approaching everyone they know without a single signup or sale of the products they get when they signed up?

Why are we surprised they DO NOT want to follow up their friends and family?

Why are we surprised when they never really get started after they left the presentation with so much excitement and hope?

The reason is lack of marketing and sales skills which makes them to approach their prospects the wrong way.

As the LEADER of your team, YOU need to immediately embrace marketing, more especially Online Marketing (not prospecting!) and teach your team to do the same thing.

YOU need to lead the way by example; you need to figure out the way forward to teach your team how to go through the numbers.

Nobody will succeed in network marketing with his friends and family no matter how many people you may know; therefore you need a system to market to a large audience

YOU need to dig deep and be willing to master marketing, more especially online marketing because that is the only way you can go through the numbers as your market online is so big and they are willing to join your business.

YOU need to get in and start getting things done. Now!

The goal is to get everyone on your team earning at least $500 per month within their first 30-90 days. Max. If not, most will quit and your business will suffer greatly from attrition.

I know of a system with which you will get all the education you need in marketing, sales and MLM lead generation

I have been equipped to be the leader everyone wants to join in his business opportunity because of what I learned from this system and what I teach my team on how to be successful in their MLM business

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