The Trade Secret of Top Earners in Network Marketing Online

Most people come online to do business without finding out the trade secret of top earners in network marketing who are already seeing some high level success, in doing business online. If you have been following my trainings through my blog, I have made it clear that top earners in network marketing don’t chase their family and friends around, begging them to join their businesses, instead, they apply the concept of “ATTRACTION MARKETING,” and I want to dig a bit deeper on the subject matter today so that you will have a complete and comprehensive idea on why you should do the same if you want to be a success in your network marketing business using the internet technology.

Every one need a leader that will show the way and top earners know that and do all they can to be that leader everyone wants to associate with.

I will tell you a shocking truth about network marketing that this top earners online has figured out and the day I figured it out, my life changed completely and it turned me to a leader that most people want to join in my business.

I pray that the shocking truth you will hear today will not scare you, but give you the courage to do what is right for you and your family. Network marketing is the best business when you talk about flexibility and the kind of money made with little capital, but if you start wrongly, you may be surprised how frustrating it will turn out.

You will know more than many who are into network marketing by reading this article today, but you will be at the same spot with them despite all that you know if you don’t take action today.

There is a big problem in network marketing, and many networkers don’t even know is a problem, but the top earners has identify it and start building themselves instead of the company they are promoting.

You have to realize that your business is much bigger than an MLM product or opportunity – which, in fact, is not real “businesses” at all. That’s right… Your Network Marketing business isn’t actually a real business, and here’s why…

  1. A real business cannot disappear or be taken away from you overnight. It has employees, contracts, and inventory.
  2. In a real business you have control and ownership of a core asset.

So let’s take a look at your MLM business.

As an independent distributor, you have zero control and zero ownership. You have a tentative contract with a networking company that can be ripped up at the drop of a hat, and often we have seen that happen.

This industry likes to sell people on the idea that their downline is an asset “you own and can even WILL to your children.” Well let me be frank with you… That’s 100 percent bullshit.

I have seen successful leaders in some companies in my country lose their distributorship due to one reason or the other. Years of work and millions of dollars were taken away in an instant.

If you think your downline is your asset, you need to wake up and read your distributor agreement.

The company owns it. If you doubt that, try to recruit your downline away into another opportunity and see what happens if in any way they find out. The reality is that you are a 100 percent commission-based sales rep who owns NOTHING, and by definition, “nothing” can’t be a business.

So how do you fix that?

Simple… You turn yourself into a business. You build your name as a brand in network marketing.

The skills that you’ve acquired to serve the needs of others or solve their problems and the relationships that you build by providing your value to the world become a real-life commodity that can be traded for money. So many people has a lot in their brain that can help the industry grow, but they waste it by promoting a particular company and releasing what they know to the company and the company use it to grow their network, and then turn back to show them that they don’t own the company with them when the chips are down.

This what they would have done

You, and the services you can bring to others as an individual, became your business.

The knowledge, leadership, and expertise in marketing and prospecting became your product.

The people who followed and consumed your work became your distribution channel.

The network marketing company you chose to promote to the people becomes your distribution network and also a single offer in the overall business model of your brand name.

Your downline or distributorship could disappear overnight and it wouldn’t matter because the primary asset, and all of the real equity, was located within you, your name, and the relationships you held with the people you served in the marketplace. Which means you and your business are now immune to outside circumstances and influences. No matter what happens in the marketplace, your business will remain intact and able to produce a profit as long as you want it.


The competition disappears forever; think about this for a minute

Any successful network marketing company will have 50,000-1,000,000+ distributors ALL OF THEM are marketing the exact same opportunity and products. Not only do you have to compete with over 1,000 other companies and opportunities in the market, and you also have to compete against the thousands of other distributors in your company.

To me, its looks like a crappy deal they are given us if you asked me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the network marketing industry because it has created a lot of millionaires and it is one of the businesses you can start with little capital to gain financial freedom if you put the work in. But a lot of people struggle in the industry because of the way they are building the business and it does not look as if the struggling will end soon because their upline is still teaching them the old way of building a network marketing business at this internet age.

As you start to understand the concept of BRANDING YOURSELF, you will see that its address the problem forever because you’re no longer selling a product or an opportunity, you’re selling yourself and the value you have to offer your team as a leader everyone will like to work with.

The best part in the whole scenario, there’s only one of you in the entire world, which means you have zero competition. Anyone that is providing value and leadership first will stand out in the crowd, you will become a voice of reason and a trusted advisor in a jungle filled with pitfalls and false promises.

As long as you hold yourself with integrity, people will tie their ship to yours and never let go, because you are oil that lubricate the network marketing world.

Every leader need to invest in their education to stay on top, I belong to a community that has showed me all I use in building my team today.

One of the places I started to learn how to do it the right way was inside MLSP.

Do these tips resonate with you? If so leave me a comment below as I would love to know. Also, if you get value, spread it around and share it with your fellow networkers through your social media account.

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