Why Start With Why…

The Importance of Why in Sales

You may not know…

But the title of this post is a book title. It is a book written and published in 2009. The author’s name is Simon Sinek.

Why Start with Why is a book that inspires leaders to inspire others.

Case studies in the book include among others, the Apple story with Steve Jobs in the front burner.

You may be wondering why this topic is important to you…

Or why this topic is even important to me.

Well, I should care because when I know the reason I am doing whatever, chances of abuse are completely minimized or eradicated.

So we all need to learn to start with WHY in any and every project we embark on.

How about reading this piece to see what help you can get from it…

The Main Topic I Want to Share is “The Importance of Why in Sales…

The Importance of Why in Sales

When you’re selling something through a sales funnel, a landing page or an eCommerce store, the most important thing to keep in mind at all times is why.

Why are you selling what you’re selling?

Why should your audience care?

Why is your product worthwhile?

And when you answer this question, you can’t give reasons like ‘to make money’ or ‘because it sells’. You need to believe in your product, know why you’re selling it and understand your audience. Here’s why…

What Makes a Brand

A brand is not just a logo and a company name. Rather, a brand is the collection of ideals and promises that set you apart from the competition. This is your mission statement, it’s what your company is here on this Earth to accomplish.

So if you focus on creating healthy foods, your mission statement might be to make the world healthier. If you make disposable boxes, then you might want to make the world a greener place. If you sell ‘make money online’ ebooks, then perhaps your mission is to liberate people to work how and when they want.

Whatever the case, knowing your reason for being will then help you to make all subsequent decisions for your company. It will tell you which products are worth developing, which partners to work with and how to market your business to others.

What’s more though, is that it will allow you to build real fans and a real following.

How to Create True Fans

As any wise internet marketer knows, you can’t sell to people as soon as they land on your page. First, you need to build trust, build authority and ensure that they feel as though they know and understand your business. This is what enables you to create ‘true fans’ and people who will be loyal to your brand.

But if all your company is about is selling something to make money, then you’re not giving people to get behind you or to show an interest in you. Try to have a vision and a passion and to make sure this comes across and then your audience will want to subscribe to your mailing list, buy your latest product and generally follow you to the ends of the Earth.

And once you have that kind of loyalty, your business will always be sure to succeed. Start with why!

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